Innovative Solutions for Co-Occurring Disorders

There is hope. There is treatment and there are books that address them with innovative solutions that are found in these novels that are also workbooks. Order your copies today.






Everyone has a story, yet far too many people NEVER ask for help concerning behavioral health disorders. Memoirs Of An Addict: Fact or Fiction, the combined book and workbook of hope and survival living life with co-occurring disorders, written with the intent to address wellness, recovery, harm reduction and resiliency with new integrative solutions that today’s society face with behavioral health disorders such as the opiate epidemic and daily recovery issues.


Welcome to Mary/Pumpkin, the recovery girl activity book. Created with an integrative education approach to learning through motivational, cognitive, and coping skills for anxiety, depression, addiction, eating disorders, bullying, stress release and other SELF issues, that include problem-solving activities in conjunction with excerpts of Mary/Pumpkin’s journey of hope and survival. 


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