Co-Occurring Disorders are when a person has a dual diagnosis of addictions and mental health, that are present at the same time.   Often times a person suffering with Co-Occurring Disorders are not aware that  the symptoms of this disorder can mimic and mask each other, thus making it hard to identify which disorder  is greater.  

Many times when a person goes  through life spiral road of destructions, it may be caused by the unaddressed trauma, mental, physical, spiritual, social and emotional health to why a person chooses to want to escape reality.

Meet Author M/R Johnson. Her books provide education, hope and solutions regarding the cause, the challenges, and triumphs living life with Co-Occurring Disorders. 

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The children are our future, and they are looking toward  the adults for education, hope and solutions, as it relates to innovative ways for resiliency skills and tools of survival;  that  provide  answers how they will grow into  healthy adults  after  COVID-19.

Download Author M/R Johnson’s  latest release  What About The Children? The Neuroplasticity, Implicit, Bias Theory, book synopsis  for free.