NH2R Company Description


Now Hope 2 Reality, LLC, Certified Business,
Small Business Enterprise

The company’s mission, is education, hope and solutions, through  peer outreach, engagement, surveys, data collections, and events, to build and partner with agencies, organizations, and the community, to solve issues  and challenges of addictions, mental health and suicidal ideations, that focus on social programs, stigma reduction, harm reduction, recidivism, and stages of choice techniques,  moving past implicit biases, and cultural equity disparities.  

The company’s vision, is education, hope and solutions, through lived and professional experiences, as it relates to the challenges and triumphs addressing  the behavioral health care system, for those without a voice, regarding sustainability living, after inpatient and outpatient treatment.

The company’s objective, is education, hope and solutions, through innovative strategic thinking-outside-the-box, from lessons learned that create action planning for youth, families, the homeless population, the veterans and military, the Returning Citizens, and the LGBTQ community by creating a space for transformation as it is associated with the Opioid Crisis, Co-Occurring Disorders and the new normal from social distancing associated with the coronavirus,


    • Co-Occurring Disorders Awareness Workgroups
    • Mindfulness, and Meditation Focus Workgroups
    • Motivational Interviewing Workgroups
    • Conflict Resolutions Workgroups
    • Anger Management Workgroups
    • Youth Support Workgroups
    • Parenting & Family Support Workgroups
    • DUI Education and Support Workgroups
    • Stigma & Culture Competency Workgroups
    • Absenteeism and Presenteeism Workgroups
    • Team Support Building Workgroups
    • Resiliency and Agility Workgroups
    • Health and Wellness Workgroups
    • Stress Management Workgroups
    • Art & Poetry Workshops
    • Writing and Publishing Workshops


  • Care Coordination & Service Navigation for Resources,  Referrals and Services
  • Intervention and Prevention Strategies Building,  Peer Empowerment Summits/Events
  • Stigma Reduction, Harm Reduction, Implicit Bias,  Stages of Choice Focus Groups
  • Educational Exhibits that Promote HOPE
  • Co-Occurring Disorders Education  Hope & Solutions Books


DUNS NUMBER:   089602646

CBE:  LSDZR 19515022024

ARIBA:  ANO1467506324

NAICS CODES:  611710 | 541720

NIGP CODES:  7158300 | 9183800 |
7159020 | 9186700 | 9616100 | 9615600