NH2R Company Description

Now Hope 2 Reality’s mission,  is to provide education, hope and solutions by  beginning the uncomfortable conversations, that provide H.O.P.E. to address the issues that are caused from   trauma, regarding addictions, mental health and suicidal ideations known as:

Co-Occurring Disorders. 

The aim of the company is to develop innovative strategic thinking-outside-the-box resolutions, from the affects and effects associated with the traumatization regarding Co-Occurring Disorders,  and its impact on the  youth, families, the homeless population, the veterans and military, the Returning Citizens, and the LGBTQ+ as well as  those who are suffering in silence too ashamed to reach out
for help because of stigma. 


To learn more information regarding what Co-Occurring Disorders are, as well as the Now Hope 2 Reality,  H.O.P.E. Events, or the  Strategic Action Planning Bootcamp, and or  In-persons Conflict Resolutions Workshops or the  Online Health and Wellness Trainings. Contact Rhonda L Johnson, CEO / Author /  Certified Peer Specialist  and Co-Occurring Disorders Subject Matter Expert. There is help and treatment out there.