Rhonda L Johnson is a native Washingtonian and resident from the Nation’s Capital, Washington, DC. She is the CEO | Author | Certified Peer Specialist Consultant for the Now Hope 2 Reality, LLC, Certified Business and Small Business Enterprise Company.

Motivated by a deep concern for the general lack of knowledge, the persistent stigma, and the prevalent misconceptions surrounding Co-Occurring Disorders related to addiction and mental health, M/R Johnson has emerged as an advocate for change through her literary work.


    • Memoirs Of An Addict: Fact or Fiction
    • Mary/Pumpkin Recovery Girl
    • The H.O.P.E. INFLUENCER’S Diary
    • The Neuroplasticity, Implicit Bias Theory Explained ~English & Spanish Editions 

M/R Johnson’s books initiate uncomfortable yet necessary conversations about the complex roots of generational and historical trauma. As a resilient survivor of the crack cocaine epidemic in Washington, DC, M/R Johnson promotes education, hope, and solutions.

The mission of her books is to educate individuals and society, offering hope to those who suffer in silence due to stigma or shame. The primary objective of her literary work is to empower readers with a better understanding of the challenges, including recognizing the signs and symptoms of behavioral health disorders. Each book provides education, hope, and solutions that extend beyond in-patient and out-patient treatment, aiming for sustainable, normal lives for both children and adults, free from the constraints of addiction and mental health disorders.

Miss Johnson’s books can be utilized for staff development, workgroup seminars, summits, cultural competency, and strategy building. They are also valuable resources for in-person workshops, offering innovative and integrative solutions along with outside-the-box engagement. 


In 2018 Miss Johnson became the visionary, founder, and lead organizer for the walk event entitled: DC Walk 4 ReCovery that took place on the Washington, DC National Mall. This free family event  was located across the street from the African American Cultural Museum and  the Washington Monument in  2018 & 2019.   Invited guests and thousands of visitors  on the National Mall were able to receive and celebrate what recovery looks like with  resource information, and peer  collaborations that included  music  and presenters.


The DC Walk 4 ReCovery event received local and national media attention, including an article from the Washington Post.  With the support of the committee members, the contributors, the participants, vendors and the many volunteers, along with great weather, the event was amazing. 

Read the complete Washington Post Article here

In 2022 Miss Johnson organized a virtual event entitled: Peer Solutions, Leadership Summit, for local, national and global peer leaders to share their experiences, and their voice of expertise regarding education, hope and solutions how society could move forward living life after the COVID-19 pandemic, Co-Occurring Disorders, the Opioid Crisis, suicide,  peer employment, and the many biases that the world is facing today.  The event registered over 601 attendees  and over 2000 + persons visited the Eventbrite page to show their  interest and support for the peer support movement.

Watch the  Peer Summit  here

On November 17th 2022, Miss Johnson was the moderator  for the  13th Annual International Conference on Stigma at the Howard’s University Blackburn Center. The topic of discussion titled:  Women Celebrating Life Through the Storms from a Peer Perspective. 


Miss Johnson has a certification as a  Certified Peer Specialist, a CCAR Recovery Coach, a former  Washington, DC Department of Health  Peer Lay Leader.  She is one of two  original Washington, DC Ward 8 Neighborhood Family  Champions .  In 2020  for a short interim, Miss Johnson was a team member for the  Department of Health [ DOH ]   Rapid Peer Responder that disturbed Narcan and Harm Reduction information and resources to the residents of DC during COVID-19. 


  • U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia Heroin &  Opioid Working Group
  • Appointed to the Washington, DC Mayor’s Opioid Fatality Review Board
  • Department of Behavioral Health Integrational Stakeholder Advisory Group
  • The Opioid Solutions Working Group

The  Washington, DC Opioid Fatality Review Board First Annual Report



Miss Johnson’s assignment  is to convey a message of hope to those who may feel lost, hurt, or wrestle with depression, grief, anxiety, trauma, or addiction. She wants them to understand this: There is help, hope, and treatment available. Never feel ashamed of your journey. Your story has the power to help others understand why.