Rhonda L Johnson is a native Washingtonian, and resident from the Nation’s Capital, Washington, DC. She is the CEO / Author / Certified Peer Specialist Consultant for the Now Hope 2 Reality, LLC, Certified Business and Small Business Enterprise Company.

Compelled by societies lack of knowledge, stigma, and misunderstandings regarding what are Co-Occurring Disorders, Miss Johnson has become an advocate for change and transformation to share her story of hope, her triumphs, and challenges, along with her experiences living life with depression, addictions, and suicidal ideations.


Miss Johnson has published four  books entitled: Memoirs Of An Addict: Fact or Fiction (2014) Mary/Pumpkin’s Recovery Girl (2017) What About the Children? The Neuroplasticity, Implicit Bias Theory, (2021) and The H.O.P.E. INFLUENCER’S Diary (2022)

Each book provides education, hope and solutions, that move beyond in-patient and out-patient treatment care, as well as what  sustainability living a normal life beyond addictions and mental health disorders for children and adults. Miss Johnson’s books begin the uncomfortable conversations regarding the affects and effects that answers the questions to  what are Co-Occurring Disorders?

Miss Johnson’s vision for her books are to provide the reader with  better understanding as to the signs and the symptoms of  behavioral  health disorders from a person with lived and professional experiences. Each book written by Miss Johnson, brings a different perspective how society must explore Trauma Inform Centers, as well as Family In-patient and Out-patient Treatment Centers and Programs for children born addicted to drugs and or families who live in an environment of chaos and economic depression.


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In 2018 Miss Johnson became the visionary, founder, and lead organizer for the walk event entitled: DC Walk 4 ReCovery that took place on the Washington, DC National Mall. This free family event  was located across the street from the African American Cultural Museum and  the Washington Monument in  2018 & 2019.   Invited guests and thousands of visitors  on the National Mall were able to receive and celebrate what recovery looks like with  resource information, and peer  collaborations that included  music  and hope.


The DC Walk 4 ReCovery event received local and national media attention. With the support of the committee members, the contributors, the participates, vendors and the many volunteers, along with great weather the event was amazing. View the DC Walk 4 ReCovery in pictures here.



Read  both presentation from Miss Johnson  to the Board Members  in the  2020 Annual  Report here


Miss Johnson is a Certified Peer Specialist, a CCAR Recovery Coach, a former  Washington, DC Department of Health  Peer Lay Leader, and  one of the original Washington, DC Ward 8 Neighborhood Family  Champions, for the Early Childhood Innovative Network (ECIN) and the Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative.

In 2018 Miss Johnson became a member of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia Heroin & Opioid Working Group, and in 2019 she was appointed to the Washington, DC Mayor’s Opioid Fatality Review Board. In 2021 she became a member to the Washington, DC Department of Behavioral Health Integrational Stakeholder Advisory Group. 

Miss  Johnson for one  month was a part of the Washington, DC,  Rapid Peer Responders Team that distributed Narcan and provided harm reduction resources and referrals for Medication-Assisted Treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Miss Johnson’s passion is to share the message to those who feel lost, hurt and  battle stigma and or shame,  to know and understand, there is help, hope and treatment out there…Never Give Up! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 


(Past) 99 pounds and (Now) present