Rhonda L Johnson is a native and resident from the nation’s capitol Washington DC. She is a Certified Peer Specialists from the Washington, DC Department of Behavioral Health, a CCAR Recovery Coach, a Washington, DC Department of Health (DOH) Peer Lay Leader, a former Ward 8 ( ECIN) Early Childhood Innovative Network, Resilient Community DC Neighborhood Family Champion, and she is a  Washington, DC  Mayoral Appointee to the Opioid Fatality Review Board. Ms. Johnson, is currently a (contractor) for the DC Department of Health ( DOH) Rapid Peer Responder, for the opioid (Narcan) outreach, harm reduction and peer to peer engagement team.

Rhonda aka M/R Johnson, is a published author as well. She has two published books entitled: Memoirs Of An Addict: Fact or Fiction and Mary/Pumpkin’s Recovery Girl. Both books address co-occurring disorders such as; addiction, mental health, and suicidal ideations from a paradigm shift, holistic approach for the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health to begin the conversation regarding the affects and effects for social change and innovative solutions.

Ms. Johnson,  is now is the beginning stages of her third book
What About The Children (released date) 2021 to address the social connection  of children  becoming adults with trauma, co-occurring disorders and post COVID-19.

As an advocate of change and a survivor of co-occurring disorders;  Ms. Johnson’s mission and passion to bring awareness, hope, education and solutions for the opioids and co-occurring disorders crisis, she became the founder, lead organizer and visionary along with several committee members to have a walk event on the National Mall in Washington, DC for the year 2018 and 2019 known as:
DC Walk 4 ReCovery. The walk received local and national attention and was a success right across the street from the African American Cultural Museum.

As a transformational entrepreneur, president and CEO of Now Hope 2 Reality, LLC, her vision, and her mantra of hope to co-occurring disorders is this—Never Give Up! There is always hope, help and treatment out there.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!