What is really going on? I am not sure. Could it be the:
COVID-19, OPIOIDS, HOMELESSNESS, EMPLOYMENT, going back to SCHOOL or WORK? or the 2020 election?

Could it be addiction and mental health known as co-occurring disorders coming to a full circle? All I know is that there is sadness in the air. The trees are crying as well. I can not tell you the last time I heard the birds sing. And as I stare at this statue, it reminds me of 2020 with the lack for solutions for the world.

I’m Hungry

Pardon Me;

Do you care if I go to bed hungry? 

Do you care if my sister and brother have  ketchup from the fast food restaurant just to say we had something to eat?

I’m Hungry–yet you refuse to see that my school work is being affected. Help me please for now is the time for change.

Watch the video below and share your comments and
let’s talk about it!

Are you a Caterpillar or a Butterfly?

What stage of  transformation growth are you in your life personally or professional?


The 4 stages of Transformational growth


  1. The Beginning—-Caterpillar

  2. Evolving Stage—-Cocoon

  3. Learning Curb—–In Flight

  4. Soaring Stage——Butterfly

No Matter what number on the Transformation Chart you may be, remember only the
strong survive.