Google Staff/Employee will (WORK) from home until 2021

While Google began executing grand plans to grow its D.C.-area presence last year, the tech giant plans to have its employees work from home until July 2021. The move impacts 200K full-time and contract workers throughout Google’s parent company, Alphabet — including more than 600 people in Greater Washington, with about 250 in the District and 350 in Virginia. According to a article in the Wall Street Journal. 

We are moving faster than light. Heading to the space age of Buck Rogers, Star Trek and Battle Star Galactica. Are You ready? Make sure you grab your mask! The coronavirus aka COVID-19 has change life as we will remember. Our mental, physical, social and emotional way of life is gone. What was once –will never be again.

So catch up– because it looks like working virtual from home is the new normal.  My question is What About The Children? Or does anyone really care?

Somebody catch me!!! I am about to transform. I already have my Apple Iwatch, my Siri and Alexa. Ready or not the future is upon us.

 What’s wrong with this picture?

Read the complete Google Report here:

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