I sure have come a long way since 2015 when this video was created. Yet! today, I can say I am grateful for the journey.

As Washington, DC Certified Peer Specialist graduate from the class of 2013, my class was made of leaders from all walks of life. We had something to share to the world that recovery from mental health disorders, drug addictions, homelessness, incarceration, or suicidal behavior and depression could be won!

As we were about to enter into the professional field of behavioral health; I wanted to share a few words as the class speaker.

I wish you all COURAGE to be the change makers that I know you have been chosen to be.

 I wish you all WISDOM to pick and choose your battles to helping the communities of behavioral health.

I wish you all LOVE for it will be the love of God and the love of understanding that will make the difference.


I wish you all SUCCESS in whatever your definition of success maybe.

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