Something to Ponder 

Can an addict ever be free? Can a person with mental health disorders live a normal life? Or could the answer possibly be in harm reduction? Memoirs Of An Addict: Fact or Fiction.

Has there ever been a time in your life when you forgot who you were? Or where  you were? Or who you belong to? Mary/Pumpkin Recovery Girl.

Mommy why are you crying? Has the challenges of life beat you down? Do you cry because society feels as though I am a culture nuisance? The Neuroplasticity, Implicit Bias Theory Explained: in English & Spanish Editions 

What will be your legacy? Do you believe in hope? The H.O.P.E. INFLUENCER’S Diary.

There are reasons why a person chooses to escape reality

Author M/R Johnson books begin the uncomfortable conversations regarding behavioral health disorders from  lived and professional experiences.  Her books  address the social, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual affects and effects regarding
what are Co-Occurring Disorders?

Each book provides education, hope and solutions that move beyond in-patient and out-patient treatment care, to sustainability living a normal life beyond addictions and mental health disorders for children and adults.

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