The Forgotten Murals of Chocolate City aka Washington DC Part 1

Welcome to the lost, replaced and new murals of Washington, DC formally known as: Chocolate City. 

The picture murals you are about to see tell the stories of a native culture that has been replaced by gentrification. Ask me how I know …Many of the murals you are about to see  can  no longer be found as a part of the native Washington, DC’s history.

Native Washingtonians Lives Matter Too!

Memoirs Informer 097 042
Picture 183
Memoirs Informer 079
Memoirs Informer 077
Memoirs Informer 080 051 053 045
blog news 002

Do not worry;  the MURAL culture of Washington, DC has been replaced with animals, flowers and birds. All you have to do is just take a look around. 

Wait until you see part 2 

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