What is Recovery

Did you know that nearly 23 million Americans struggling with addiction, nearly 14 million also suffer from some form of mental illness, either stemming from or leading to substance abuse?

Did you also know that nearly six out of 10 addicts also suffer from a mental disorder such as ADHD, PTSD or schizophrenia. People who are addicted to drugs are twice as likely to suffer from a mood or anxiety disorder and vice versa, and roughly three quarters of addicts in rehab treatment also suffer from some sort of mental disorder. Furthermore, many drugs of abuse have qualities that can mimic the symptoms of mental illness and withdrawal side effects that are often diagnosed as mental illness. Well no matter the statics people do recover.

Below is an empowering video that focused on  recovery stories with peers from around the world at the Alternative Conference in Auston Texas, from the Cafe TA Center .

Here are their  recovery stories.

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