As the world is reopening from  the challenges of COVID-19, the impact of social distancing has just begun. Are you ready? I welcome you to journey with me through my new book, What About The Children? The Neuroplasticity, Implicit Bias  Theory.

What About The Children? The Neuroplasticity, Implicit Bias  Theory, will ponder the thought process to focus on the new normal, as it relates to education, hope and solutions, by examining the past and its correlation to the present.

This book has been written to move beyond excuses, that address the future with a thinking-outside the box thought process: that goes  beyond teaching an old system through inescapable chapters of relevance, how society can move forward post Covid-19 to save our children from all ethnicities.

I have included the link for the  book synopsis that can be read on your phone, tablet, or computer. It’s free, to  all-open-minded persons, that are on the mission  to save our children who are the future. Happy reading, here is the link 

Author M/R Johnson

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