HELP US! Black Lives Matter

Question–What is the agenda behind Black Lives Matter?

His name is Davon McNeal

Does  Black Lives Matter only if you can get a riot? Or if the news can get attention? Where is the help for black families who live everyday with fear?

You say that our country has challenges that  is called black on black crime. But what is the Black Lives Matter solutions to help black families?

This is where we as a people need the BLM support. Why does a child have to die because of gun violence?

Black Lives Matter where is your agenda to empower the black communities? Is your agenda not about black lives just money to exploit the need to help us as a people?

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup, text that says 'My name is Mekhi James. I was gunned down on Father's Day Weekend in Chicago. There were no protests. There was no outrage. I was 3 years old when I died. My life mattered too.'

From what we see in Washington, DC nobody really gives a damn because there is a  genocide agenda.

Community joins together in Washington, DC  to ask What Can We Do to help. Let’s Talk

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