Your Voice

The saying goes…

I see no evil, I hear no evil and I speak no evil–so now I understand why my voice and challenges go unheard.  See, my voice maybe soft, or sometimes it is very loud. Your voice maybe a man, or woman or child–yet it is my voice.

Your voice to me is worth more than gold because it is your voice. Although we may not agree to disagree; it is still your voice.
They key is are you listening. -M/R Johnson

Your voice matters when real conversations  involves the peer of wisdom, or the family of truth or the youth who keeps trying to write the  wrongs of the past  life to right.

Your voice matters when the returning citizens that have lost most of their lives in the system;  are trying to move past bitterness, hurt and shame living behind the jail bars…just  wanting to just get back to the family.

And what about the leaders who work not for money, or fame or recognition. They are the voices  that  have solutions to challenges  that comes into existence thru strategies, cultural diversity, literacy awareness, intervention, employment opportunities,  mindfulness, self responsibility, the church and community outreach.

Your voice matters when we as a  society agree to listen and teach one another new ways of re-thinking by the each one
REACH one theory.

The time is now to stop covering your eyes and open your ear.  Be the voice of change and change the game.

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