I have been so many places in my life and time. I have  seen  people from both walks of life. I have been  blessed to see both worlds of the good, the bad and the ugly. Never understanding that my calling in both worlds; I was chosen to represent H.O.P.E.

People are all the same,  many are searching for that purpose and that thing known as love. For in both worlds of the rich and poor, I discovered that hope of being a humble, optimistic, person, empowered; was my shield of faith that would set me apart.

In this life be careful how you judge people. For you never know who will give you your last cup of water. You never know who has been chosen through life’s adversities, to lead the way for a lost generation, and become  a voice for EDUCATION, H.O.P.E. and  SOLUTIONS,  chosen  to share the message, you are not alone, and to Never Give Up!

There are people who are  lost from  trauma and grief that are associated with Co-Occurring Disorders, regarding addictions, and mental health, that no one is addressing what are  the cause and affects. Nor how they mimic and mask each other; that can  lead to suicidal ideations and or death.

There are people who are  suffering in silence for lack of knowledge, who are too ashamed to reach out for treatment because of stigma and shame.

The lessons that I have learned from my journey of hope;  reminds me of the story about a man name David, who  was a misunderstood shepherd boy, who was chosen, when no one believed , that he would become a powerful king.

So,  I say this  again;  be careful  how you judge people. You may be entertaining an misunderstood leader unaware.

-M/R Johnson © 2021

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